Tennant Music Visualizer

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The Tennant Music Visualizer (TMV) is an innovative approach to the visual representation of music.

It takes advantage of intuitive crossmodal correspondences between visual and auditory perception which have been shown to enhance the speed and precision of perception.

Both music visualizers take inspiration from the field of Cymatics, which seeks to make sound visible through physical media. Cymatics uses the phenomenon of resonance to sounds into 2D and 3D spatial patterns which lend themselves to visual perception.

These techniques can also be applied more broadly in data visualization. They take advantage of many of the strengths of our visual processing to allow for high-bandwidth decoding of semi-periodic data. (EEG, or other types of 1D data)

You can see videos of the visualizer here. To read more about the principles behind the Tennant Music Visualizers, you can take a look at my paper on crossmodal representations of music.

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